Those of you that are familiar with Chinese medicine know that we always check the tongue and pulse, but do you know why? Tongue and pulse are two of the most important diagnostic tools used in Chinese medicine. Whereas in western medicine the heart rate is checked through the pulse, in Chinese medicine pulse taking is an advanced art form that is used to assess the health of all the major organs in the body. We not only check heart rate, but also the quality of the pulse including its strength and width.

Variances in these qualities allow us to determine whether the patient is in a state of excess or deficiency and which organ systems may be compromised. Pulse taking is far more intricate and specific than looking at the tongue. The tongue will show the body’s overall condition and is less changeable then the pulse. We assess the shape, colour, coat and any veins or cracks that may be present on the tongue. Different parts of the tongue relate to the different organs in the body, for example the tip is associated with the heart, and because the heart houses the mind in Chinese medicine, we will often find the tip of the tongue to be red and inflamed in someone experiencing emotional stress.

Have a look for yourself and see just how different your tongue is compared to your family and friends. Or better yet come in to have you tongue and pulse assessed by one of our qualified practitioners and discover how Chinese herbs and acupuncture could help improve your health and wellbeing. We can also recommend ideal diet and lifestyle choices for you based on your specific body type or constitution.

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