5 Things to avoid Painful Periods

5 Things to avoid Painful Periods

As a female we menstruate for 35 years (between 14 and 49 years of age) give or take a few years. Bleeding is a natural physiological occurrence and usually comes about once a month (in a perfect world, every 28 days). According to Chinese medicine, it is necessary not only for a healthy cycle and physiology but also for the wellbeing of a woman.

We meet many females in our practice who have disrupted, irregular, painful periods. We need you to know that this is not a necessity and if addressed early, will have an excellent chance to improve greatly. It will not only make your periods easily manageable but will also greatly influence your fertility, pregnancies and menopause (change of life).

If there are difficulties with your menstrual cycle, it should be addressed! And by the way, the Pill doesn’t fix all those problems.

If the Qi[1] and the blood flows smoothly, you won’t experience difficulties associated with your menstrual cycle. The flow of Qi and blood depends on a certain core temperature[2] of 36.8 – 37.0 degrees Celsius. At optimal body temperatures the Qi and blood flow un-interruptedly and maintain heathy processes and mechanism throughout the body.

If the blood flow is congested the Qi flow is blocked and vice-versa. This will cause especially one symptom: pain. Cold temperatures congeal the blood and Qi and it will stagnate.

5 things to avoid during your period:

Reduce your intake of dairy food leading up and during your period

  • Reduce your intake of salads or uncooked foods during your period
  • Don’t eat any ice-cream leading up or during your period
  • Don’t swim during your period, of if you have to, immediately change out of your wet bathers
  • Never have sex during your period!

There is a bigger risk of cold entering into the uterus or being transferred internally especially through the Spleen, Liver and Kidney channels. If you follow this easy rule – 5 things to avoid during your period – you will experience healthy menstrual cycle. If you do experience any problems such as irregular, painful, heavy or no periods, please make an appointment today so we can discuss a treatment plan that suits your constitution.



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