The 5 Elemental Personality Types

The 5 Elemental Personality Types

woodThe Wood element is prone to either weakness or stagnation in the Liver/Gallbladder meridians. The corresponding personality of a Wood type resonates with that of a tree growing in spring. Growth, and achievement are very important for the Wood element person. The general of the body’s army, Wood people have vision, and like to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

A Wood type in balance has energy and vigour. They are eternal optimists, believing the best in themselves and others. Their energy grows with accomplishment and ticking off the to-do list.

Conversely, an out-of-balance Wood type is prone to imbalance caused by lack of direction; or lack of movement. Frustration, impatience and anger are hallmarks of a Wood type under stress.  If forward movement is blocked, or forward vision obstructed for a long amount of time, the Wood person can eventually become depressed, feel helpless, and be prone to apathy – unable to see a way out of the stagnancy they find themselves in.

A good step out of the black hole for Wood types is to write short, achievable lists of things they want to do, and make sure they achieve them. If writing a list is hard, sometimes looking to the horizon and taking in the view can help create perspective, encourage forward vision, and create space for inspiration again.



The Fire element corresponds to a person who is constitutionally weak/stagnant in the Heart/Small Intestine/Pericardium/Triple

Burner meridians. The personality of a Fire person is like that of summer – warm, active, joyous, connected. The Fire person is recharged by the sun, or by the spark of connection between people in a social environment. The Fire element is King/Queen (or, conversely the Court Jester) – there to provide the warmth and love to the meridians, spreading joy throughout the body and to other people.

The Fire person will make you feel as though you matter. They search for the joy in things. Forever striving for the perfect human connection, they work hard at making sure you feel as important to them as anyone else. In balance, they are the light in the world – entertaining us and making us feel good about ourselves.

A Fire person out of balance; like a fire doused in accelerant, can be all or nothing, most often succumbing to the ups and downs more severely than other elements. The energy it takes to entertain others can burn the Fire type out, and they need to retreat to recharge. Often, they are affected by anxiety – the pressure to please can become too much. The shadow emotion of the Fire type is sadness, and when the Fire is severely low, sadness can prevail over their entire being. Prone to depression, isolation, and hopelessness, a deficient fire type needs lots of love.

To help a Fire person, they need to know that their social environment is safe and secure. Consistent love and acceptance is key, encouraging the spark of human connection with help re-ignite the fire, and bring joy to them once again.


earthThe Earth element corresponds to late summer/harvest time. The digestive organs of the Spleen and Stomach govern the body, these meridians nourish the body with adequate nutrients, and help to build a strong constitution. The Earth person is concerned with nourishing themselves and others, creating safe, caring spaces for those in their lives. Often compared to the mother-hen, the Earth element is all about gathering the grains and fruits for storage and to feed those through the cold winter months.

An in-balance Earth person will always make you feel at home instantly with them. They dutifully, and selflessly lend an ear to your biggest woes; and know instinctively when needs to be said at the right time.

Out of balance, and Earth person lacks the ability to give themselves boundaries; and will give more than they can spare. If a healthy Earth element gives from a full larder, an empty Earth will try to give – even if their larder is empty. This creates anxiety, which the Earth person is prone to suffering. The dis-ability to digest information can lead to rumination and circular thinking, obsession and feeling ungrounded, as a healthy Earth element secures us firmly to the soil. The out-of-balance Earth can be prone to passive-aggressiveness and guilt-shaming. They end up expecting what they give to others to come back to them.

The Earth element becomes strong again when they can learn to give themselves the same amount of energy they give everyone else.  The Earth is happiest when they can nourish themselves and others selflessly. It is sometimes the hardest, but most valuable lesson any element can learn, that one can only expect from themselves.


metalMetal corresponds to the season of Autumn, when the air temperature drops, and the environment becomes still. Arguably the most beautiful time of year, the corresponding organs are the Lungs/Large Intestine. These organs are interested in breathing in the clean, fresh air – replete with the crispness of fresh new ideas and inspiration. The Large Intestine lets the waste matter go. Depth, and meaning are what the metal person is after. Metal is the body’s reverence. The spiritual master, the academic, the thinker-in-residence of the body. The Lungs breathe in the new information and the Large Intestine gets rid of the old.

This strong waste disposal mechanism (letting go of what doesn’t matter) allows the Metal to prioritise the search for the true meaning of life. Most content in times of grief, and the deep reverence it enables, the Metal person in-balance will inspire those around them with their incredible ability to find the diamonds in the rough of everyday life.

Out-of-balance, the Metal person can become obsessed, and single focused. They can too easily cut themselves off from others, and their never-ending search for life’s meaning may render them isolated to the point of anti-social. Metal, and its connection to precious stones and minerals can lead a person into an over-reliance upon the physical riches of life, replacing their spiritual search with material things. The lack of spirit in a Metal person is a deep problem. If anyone needs to have a deeper, lifelong purpose, it’s the Metal type, and without it they can lash out, cut themselves off, and hide away from society.

The Metal element regains strength by connecting to the non-material sublime – walking in nature, breathing in fresh air, looking at the sky. Accepting imperfection is also very important, especially in themselves; softening the edges, and asking others for support and companionship will firmly ground the Metal person into the present. This gives the Metal a chance to enrich the lives of those around them with their depth, knowledge, and brilliance.


waterThe Water element corresponds to winter – the Kidneys and Bladder. Water is the foundation of life in humans, and as such, the Water element runs deep within us. Like the stillness of winter, or the turbulence of a rainstorm, Water is ever changing and adapting. This is the Water person; endlessly adaptable and capable, this element embodies the human will. The Water person is always on the go, often creative or imaginative; Water fears being still, as like a pond, they fear a lack of vitality and stagnation. Just as water replenishes and revitalises the body, Water energy revitalizes the mind, and maintaining strength in the Water element is important to maintain the adaptability of the body.

Fear is the shadow emotion for a Water type. They are prone to running on adrenaline, can risk burning out easily. Mistrust and paranoia, overt fear, or deep depression and darkness are all signs of an out-of-balance Water type. As water can run dark and deep, it is necessary for the Water to be warmed by the sun and experience light too.

Stillness, though often feared, is good for the Water type. Stillness (Yin) balances the constant movement and activity (Yang); and helps the adrenal glands to rest and recover. Adrenaline should be for spurts of energy – not running everyday life! Meditation, Qi Gong, relaxation techniques are extremely beneficial for Water people. Associating with others, especially Fire types can also be good for an out of balance Water – the heart and kidneys have a special relationship in which the water calms the heart fire and the heart fire warms the kidney water. Engaging the Heart, can provide reassurance, and can often help the water person out of a dark, fearful state.

Continued learning and education is important for the Water type also. Revitalising the brain (also an extension of Water, as Kidneys and Bladder control the nervous system) provides the resources to keep going, feeds the will and helps prevent burn out.

We each have components of all 5 elements in us, and to live in harmony, we should aim to keep all 5 elements in balance. However, there is only 1 element that on a deep level drives us to be who we are, and caring for this set of organs, these meridians, this part of us will have a profound effect on our sense of self, our spirit, and our health. Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment on the channels of your element helps to restore balance and vitality to your inner spirit, helping you become the best version of yourself.