The Health And Well Being Of Our Children

In this information session, the Safflower team collaborates with the highly experienced maternal child nurse Margery Barter from the South Gippsland Maternal Child Health Services to talk about children’s health and well being.

What’s so great is that you will hear both the allopathic and Eastern medical point of view! Chinese medicine considers children very different to adults in their physiology and how they deal with illness. One big difference is that phase of a child is very yang (growing, expanding) and any illness that might manifest can be fast and furious. This requires a treatment strategy.

As children are very “Spleen” dependent, the organ providing the postnatal energy, it is essential that diet is according to your child’s constitution and not to what supermarkets want to sell you. Conditions related to the digestive system in children are asthma, eczema, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia and abdominal pain. We also see more and more stress related disorders in children.

Margery Barter will bring her expertise in maternal child health (0 – 6 years) and will talk about what she sees mostly in young children and how certain conditions can be avoided. She will also give you all her tips that come from a lifelong passion working with children and their health.

In a nutshell, we will educate you about Children’s physiology and development and treatment approaches from both the Western medical point of view as well as the Chinese medicine philosophies. It’s a jam-packed session. If your children are quiet, we don’t mind you bringing them along.

Your take home message will be understanding some childhood conditions from a different perspective and tips from both Western and oriental medicine to apply in your everyday lives.