Chinese Medicine Approach to Fertility

Chinese Medicine Approach to Fertility

Fertility is described as the quality of being fertile and having the ability to conceive children. In Australia the rate of infertility seems to be on the rise with around one in six Australian couples of reproductive ages having difficulty conceiving.

The causes of infertility vary and may include issues with sperm and egg production, structural or functional issues and hormonal or immune disturbances.

In some cases, conception can be achieved but there is difficulty in holding the pregnancy to full term. Chinese Medicine has a history of working with gynecological and obstetric issues for over 2000 years.  Using acupuncture and herbs and giving guidance on lifestyle and emotional care we help create the fertile ground needed to support a growing foetus.

Just as soil needs to be properly prepared for the sowing of seeds, so too do our bodies need preparation to create the ideal environment for the foetus grow. Our practitioners will consider both partners overall health and can assist couples in enhancing their health prior to conception to increase their likelihood of conceiving.

In cases where a western medical diagnosis has been made, combining both conventional and traditional methods can yield better results. In some cases, no medical diagnosis can be made, and these patients respond well with Chinese medicine which focuses on improving health and regulating functional problems.

Acupuncture has demonstrated promising results when used in conjunction with assisted reproductive technologies like IVF. It improves blood flow to reproductive and pelvic regions and can aid in balancing hormonal function and reducing the stress and anxiety that can often develop around this time.

Support doesn’t stop at conception, Chinese medicine may assist couples through pregnancy and beyond including aiding in the relief of morning sickness, pelvic and back pain, promoting a smooth birth and supporting the body back to health after birth.

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