Welcome to Summer!  The sun’s out, the days are longer, we can finally get Vitamin D from the sun again! However, whilst it may feel as though we should be relaxing, it’s likely we’re doing everything BUT sitting with our feet up in the garden, or lazing on the beach.

Even us practitioners approach this time of year with bated breath. Year in and year out, we watch ourselves storm out of the depths of winter at a sprint – racing to the end of the year, packing it full of social events, extra work, extra jobs around the house; eating, drinking, indulging. We take on too much, and then collapse into a stupor during those 1-2 weeks off over Christmas/New Year – if we’re the lucky ones to have this time of year off. The end-result is fatigue, overindulgence, and a pre-disposition towards choices that aren’t particularly healthy. Unfortunately, we will pay for it later, usually in winter.

So, this year, the practitioners at Safflower are going to challenge everyone to think about summer differently. Try to forget that Christmas and all associated indulgence is upon us. Ignore the calendar, and the subconscious frenzy we are prone to when pondering the concept of “December 31!”. We would like you to relax, and enjoy yourself.

Summer is three months long. It’s a time of enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) the abundant sun has so kindly given us. It’s a time for reconnecting with others, enjoying nature and the beautiful environment around us. It’s a time of siestas in the heat of the afternoon, and quiet moments at sunrise in the morning.

In Chinese Medicine, summer is related to joy and love, as we recharge in the sun and share the warmth we have with others. We can also use this warmth to bring some light into the lives of those who may be experiencing sadness or loneliness. Giving love and warmth, as the sun gives us, will fill us in a way the sparkling shiraz and mince pies probably won’t.

Happy Summer everyone, and much love and light to you all.