What is western herbal medicine?

Western herbal medicine originated with the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Herbs that were used traditionally in cultures all over the world including those from Europe, the Americas, Africa, pacific islands and even Asia (yes, Chinese herbs have found their way into western herbal medicine too) come together in western herbal medicine.

Western herbal medicine is based on a different theoretical framework to Chinese herbal medicine. While both styles of herbal medicine are holistic and tailored to the individual, western herbal medicine aims to restore homeostasis to the body’s physiological systems as we understand them in western culture. Herbs may be used individually, combined with other herbs, or are selected to be made into a unique formula for the patient. Western herbs are valued for their traditional uses and also for the chemical constituents that give them their therapeutic properties.

How do you take western herbal medicine?

Western herbs can be prescribed in many different forms including liquid extracts (made into herbal tonics), tablets, capsules, granules, powders and teas. Your practitioner can suggest the most effective way for you to take your herbs.

Are all herbs the same quality?

Just like most things in life, herbs can vary in quality which can deliver weaker or stronger therapeutic properties. We only stock reputable brands of herbs from companies that have a high level of control over their supply chain and systems to check the quality of their herbs.

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