What is moxibustion?

You may have seen those beautiful and interesting photos of acupuncture needles that appear to have a herb smoking over them. What you are looking at in these images is moxa. Moxa is dried mugwort herb (artemisia) and is rolled into stick shapes or left as raw punk which can be shaped by your acupuncturist for different techniques. Moxa also comes in smoky and smokeless varieties for different situations.

What is moxa used for?

Historically in China, moxa was used as a household remedy for mainly different ailments. You may have heard of moxa being used in pregnancy or to reduce pain. It is traditionally used to warm and activate acupuncture points.

There are many different moxibustion techniques that our acupuncturists are trained in. Your acupuncturist will consider whether to use moxa and if so, the type of technique most suitable for your treatment, based on your individual Chinese medical diagnosis.

Moxibustion may be used during your treatment or you may be instructed to use it at home on a more frequent basis.

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