Although some people view the new year as ‘just another day,’ it does signify the end of one chapter and the start of the next. A time to set goals, plan to reach milestones and put into action everything we wish to achieve in the coming year.

In Chinese medicine, vision, planning and tactical execution are part of the wood element. The wood element encompasses the organs of the liver and gallbladder. This element thrives the most when ‘things’ move throughout our bodies. This includes energy, fluids, blood and emotions.

The liver also represents the ‘general in the army’ or the CEO of a business. It sees (the liver organ opens into the eyes) the bigger picture and has the capacity to plan strategically. Due to the strong impact of stress in our busy life’s, we have lost our calm to exactly do that: stop & think. The result is frustration and sometimes repressed anger which can cause pain, discomfort and unease.

In partnership with the liver, the gallbladder works out the details and is responsible for tactical decisions. The gallbladder carries the ‘fire’ of the emperor with the vision of the liver to all parts of our bodies. It is said that if the gallbladder is weak, we are unable to make even the simplest decisions.

Allowing all our other goals and plans for the year ahead to fall into place, we need to create space and calm, allowing time for ourselves daily to tap into our vision and aspirations so we can plan to achieve it.

Listen to your body & mind, if something feels off do something about it. Stop and think before you rush anywhere.

If you need a New Year ‘tune up’ or a ‘tune in’, we are more than happy to help you in any way we can.

May your 2019 be rich in love, laughter, success and HEALTH.