We are living in a time of rapidly evolving growth. As we become better educated we are learning to refine our lifestyles to live more harmoniously with each other and the planet that sustains us. Traditional Chinese medicine views the body as inseparable from the environment, by getting back to the basics we can better tune in to ourselves and our environment to create the harmonious world we all deserve to live in

So, what are the basics for a healthy life?

Air – 70% of the body’s detoxification is through the breath. The air we breathe needs to be clean, ionized and not polluted by chemicals. But what good is clean air if our breathing is shallow? Exercise, breathe deep, fill your lungs with oxygen and you will have more vitality throughout the day.

Water –Good quality, clean water, free from chemicals and not chilled. Purify your water to remove heavy metals and restore its mineral balance.

Sustenance – Good, clean food. Not processed, cold or too sweet – simple right?

Safety – Past traumas, feeling insecure in relationships or jobs and then overworking or going into survival mode/fight or flight, weakens the body and mind. Its important to work through traumas, it can help to get advice and support from loved ones or a health professional.

Sunlight – Vitamin D3 and pure Yang Qi is received from our sun. It allows dietary fat to be converted into hormones and to repair and grow nerve and brain cells.

Meditation – Will undo the clutter of the mind, promotes mindfulness in all we do. To be present and experience the gift of living.

Touch – Bonds us together, promotes release of oxytocin and is a basic biological need. Hugs bring joy!

Purpose – Why are you here? What brings you fulfillment? What are your skills and passions?

In Chinese medicine we strive to support the dynamic balance within everyone, once equilibrium is achieved within it is so much easier to manifest it in the world around us.

Embrace the simple life, book your next appointment with Safflower Chinese medicine.