Welcome to Health Connect Shen and Safflower Clinic

Safflower Clinic has been active in the community on Phillip Island for around 12 years. In the middle of 2019 current owner and Director, Dr Nicola Macdonald (Chinese Medicine) took it over after a lengthy and successful stint leading another Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic in Brisbane.

For a long time, Safflower Clinic, a part of Health Connect Shen, has been the main Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic on the island, offering the highest quality support to its valued client community.

Our clients are literally from the full spectrum of the life span. We see babies through to the wise elders of the community. They visit us for a variety of reasons and our professional and highly experienced practitioner team like to support you with anything you have that you want to change.

Nicola has specialist interest and extensive experience in women’s health and fertility as well as pain management and has adopted a general practice approach to delivering Traditional Chinese Medicine. Being based in a rural location has meant being purpose fit to the community because we see people from all walks of life with all range of health concerns and wellbeing goals they want our assistance with.

We know our clients regularly choose the Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic because of our reliable reputation. Having been present on Phillip Island for so long, we have been able to build trust with both the local community and visitors alike.

In the future Safflower clinic will evolve to become an integral part of Health Connect Shen, offering a wider range of services to enhance the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible.

The primary purpose of Health Connect Shen is to offer a diverse range of solutions, while continuing to deliver high quality support for all our clients.Health connect shen will be offering in 2021 Retreats, events and webinars and an online store.

Our team consists of a number of key practitioners who support Nicola in her vision to support you. Together they are able to offer Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Mental Health Counselling, Yoga and massage therapy, as well as a growing range of other complementary modalities. This provides you with a team who are ready and able to tailor the right treatment plan to help you to achieve optimum health and wellbeing for the long term.

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