While it is fairly normal to get a cold once or twice per year, some people get particularly strong symptoms or find that their cold always ends up in their chest with a cough or blocks up their sinuses. Other people may find that they pick up every infection going around.

Historically, the Chinese medical classical texts, the Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Diseases) and the Wen Bin Lun (Treatise on Warm Diseases) included theories and herbal formulas to manage the symptoms of febrile diseases including the common cold (găn mào) and influenza (flu) like illness.

Today, a systematic review of clinical trials found that when compared with placebo, Chinese herbal formulas may offer the following benefits to people with the common cold: “shortening the duration of the main symptoms, the amount of time for a decline in temperature of at least 0.5°C to occur, and the duration of any fever.”


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