Children’s physiology is very different to adults because they are still growing and developing. In Chinese medicine, we consider the digestive system of a child as a very important part for overall wellbeing. Why is that so? Because the post-natal qi (energy force) is formed from air, food and water.

Lets look at allergies first: According to Chinese medicine, we can consider allergies being caused through a deficiency of the defensive energy, a thin layer that surrounds the body and protects it. Through the failing of the protective energy, foreign particles upset the system and develop various symptoms. In Western terms, it’s called immunity. Interestingly the spleen organ is part of the immune system in the western medical context as well.

In Chinese medicine, the spleen is the principal organ system of digestion. In this role it assists the body in energy production by transforming food and water. With the help of air (oxygen) that is inhaled by the lungs, it refines the energy into a yin energy (blood) and a yang energy that has a gaseous structure. This way, the body receives protection power from those two forms of energy.

These explanations are not always easy to comprehend. But by looking on how allergies arise, it makes a lot of sense because by treating the spleen, particularly in children, we can address the allergies, the digestion and the state of energy as well.

Treating the spleen is achieved through assessing the diet, working with the spleen meridian and also involving it’s partner organ, the stomach. With herbal formulas in liquid extract form, particularly popular with children, we correct deficiencies and improve the defensive force.

Because children are mostly unburdened by concepts of life and expectations of society and because their energy system is uncontaminated by toxins such as alcohol and drugs, they respond tremendously well to treatment.

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