Emotional and mental wellbeing is an essential aspect of overall health. Stress can be considered one of the main causes of illness in the west, as our means of dealing with stressful situations is often to avoid and repress these seemingly negative emotions.  Unfortunately, this functions to bury the stress deeper in the body and can lead to manifestations of disease. On the other hand, disease can cause stress, and this then becomes a cycle which is difficult to overcome. With the use of herbs and acupuncture we can help reduce stress and the psychosomatic causes of illness.

There are 5 key emotions in Chinese medicine – Joy, Anger, Grief, Pensiveness and Fear. These emotions are necessary for healthy mental processing, the problem arises when emotions are held on to, not expressed or are over exaggerated. For example, fear, most of us wish to avoid this feeling, but fear in its proper expression functions to protect us from pending danger – unfortunately we commonly have deep seeded fears which no longer serve to protect us, but instead hold us back from living a life in alignment with our inner aspirations.

Chinese medicine uses different techniques to help our patients acknowledge and release pent up emotions which are damaging to the body. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Chinese medicine to be more effective than conventional medicine in the treatment of anxiety and depression given that it is safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, cost effective and having only minor side effects.

Other common conditions which often result from underlying stress include: Insomnia, headaches, PMS, digestive issues, muscle tension, fatigue and many more. If you or someone you know are currently suffering from anxiety, depression or another form of emotional or mental strain it may be time to explore a natural treatment option. Don’t hold your self back any longer! If you require immediate assistance, please contact Lifeline.